Frou Frou FAQs

What is the return policy?

You can exchange or receive store credit for any unused item(s) within 14 days. Please send all unused items for exchange or store credit to:

Frou Frou LA
Attn: Christine Meinel
308 E. 9th Street
Suite 309
Los Angeles, CA

How does the sizing work?

Although a select few items are sized, most of the items are a "One Size Fits Most". That's the beauty of this line. Frou Frou compliments most shapes and sizes. It's like those jeans in that movie, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" :). But if you're still unsure, please come visit Frou Frou and see.


What are the care instructions for Frou Frou clothing?

We recommend that you wash everything in a delicate cycle and then hang dry. Your fabulous Frou Frou will live a longer happier life this way. This is also works quite well for all clothing in general!


A lot of what I like is sold out... Can or will you make more?

Part of what makes Frou Frou so special is that nothing is mass produced. You will most likely never go to a party and be wearing the exact same thing as someone else.  The way it works is this - Frou Frou will find amazing fabrics (maybe one or two rolls), then design & produce amazing clothes with those fabrics. When the fabric has been used up, that's it. But never fear! Frou Frou will never stop finding fabulous fabrics and will never stop coming out with fabulous designs. There is literally something new every week.


Does Frou Frou do maternity or nursing wear?

Yes and no.

You'll find that almost everything will fit like maternity and/or nursing clothes. Frou Frou is designed to fit and compliment most shapes and sizes as most waistlines are stretchy enough. Many of the tops are loose and flowy enough that you can nurse those cute babies of yours.  The clothes will also accommodate and hide those food babies :).


Can I find Frou Frou in stores?

Frou Frou is a direct to customer line and cannot be found in other retailers. You can order your Frou Frou online, or come see us! We are by appointment only (