Frou Frou's Summer Intern

A Frou Frou Story

By Riley Arce

My name is Riley. I’m 9 years old and let me tell you how much I love Frou Frou. First, their clothes are extraordinary! Every time I come to the Frou Frou store, I see all of the fabulous new styles. And now let me tell you about the fabrics! My favorite fabrics are Blue Bicycle, Blue Mod Squad, and Manoa. I absolutely LOVE the I am Frou Frou T-shirt! For some reason I really like the idea of the I am Frou Frou T-shirt.

In conclusion, the Frou Frou store is the...

Frou Frou Muse, Christine... And her outtakes...

Frou Frou Moms & Their Mini-Me's Came to Visit!!

Frou Frou loves moms and their mini-me's!!

Frou Frou Mommies, Mommies to be, Mommy & Me!!

Friends who Frou Frou together, stay together... and look fabulous together.

Meet a couple of Frou Frou's dear friends, Brigitte & Jen <3.